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Planting SEED through education

Our goals are to education youth about the impacts of agriculture, encourage youth to pursue a career in agriculture, expand awareness of agriculture and its impacts and teach ag-related skills. We believe  educating our youth about agriculture and its impacts are vital for sustainable agriculture and the production of a safe and sufficient foods supply. Thus, we believe, will provide a means for those in need to meet immediate needs and improve their family’s and community’s situation in the future.

World-wide poverty and starvation make agriculture an appropriate vehicle for bringing needed change to our world. SEED program efforts will be focused on those who do not have access to the resources which will allow them to “get ahead,” to improve their lot in life through needed tools and knowledge. Recipients of training and tools will be those with a desire to invest time and energy to improve their quality of life but who cannot afford the basics to even get started and who, without our help, most likely cannot survive. Those who will benefit from the SEED program are those who yearn to provide a better future for their family and community.

The SEED initiative currently is fulfilling its five-year commitment to come alongside the Bethesda Outreach Ministry in South Africa, an orphanage and school serving AIDS-affected children, in developing its agriculture project. In answer to their plea for expert agricultural guidance, FamilyFarms sent a volunteer work team of 13 representatives to that orphanage in August 2011 to help with their fledgling garden project. The crops in the garden were saved from a hail storm in 2012 due to the efforts of our volunteer team. Most recently, FamilyFarms provided a greenhouse to expand their agricultural project.

FamilyFarms Charities has also worked with Life’s Heart, an organization that provides Kenyan families with the opportunity to become self-sufficient by growing banana trees and digging wells. Life’s Heart volunteers travel to Kenya to teach families and communities how to grow and care for banana plants. They also work to provide wells and water sources in communities with a desire for a clean water supply.



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