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Bringing HOPE for Today and the Future

World-wide starvation makes agriculture an appropriate vehicle for bringing needed change to help end hunger.

We understand that persons deprived of essentials needed for survival, (e.g. food, water) must have those most basic needs met before they can effectively participate in programs designed to help them provide for themselves. The starving person’s focus is, of necessity, food to meet his family’s needs that day. Meeting such critical needs through HOPE will be considered a first step, with the plan to follow up, when possible, with coaching and hands-on training and tools to equip recipients to meet their future needs to the best of their ability with what they have.

FamilyFarms Charities works with local food banks and other organizations like the Arkansas Rice Depot and the Canadian Food Grains Bank to help meet immediate needs for those suffering from hunger in North American and abroad.

FamilyFarms Charities has partnered with Life’s Heart, an organization that provides Kenyan families with the opportunity to become self-sufficient by growing banana trees and digging wells. Life’s Heart volunteers travel to Kenya to teach families and communities how to grow and care for banana plants. They also work to provide wells and water sources in communities with a desire for a clean water supply. Most recently we helped support a project for a borehole well in a village called Naroosura for irrigation of their fruits and vegetables.

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