Trivia Night

Some have said FamilyFarms Group Teams and staff are highly competitive. They are correct. If there was ever any doubt about that, it was put to rest during the hotly contested trivia match. With 10 categories ranging from “What Network is it on?” to “FamilyFarms Group Trivia,” and ten questions in each category, Laura Cornille-Cannady had her hands full trying to maintain order in her role as MC. Each round ended with a mad race to get the answer sheet to the judges before time was called, and there were even some efforts by less confident teams to block the aisles and prevent other team couriers from handing in their answers on time. Despite some controversy about the meaning of “ABC” and a miscount of strikes in a perfect bowling game, the game ended well with all three winning teams giving their winnings back to Charities. A game of Heads and Tails, a 50/50 raffle and an auction for a child’s Gator rounded out the evening… along with the excitement of the drawing for a real John Deere Gator.  Rebecca Crownover sold copies of her latest book “Texas Farm Girl” and donated $2 for every book sold to Charities! Many thanks to all those who participated in the evening’s fun to support Charities projects.