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 Frequently Asked Questions


1. How is FamilyFarms Charities related to FamilyFarms Group?

FamilyFarms Group started FamilyFarms Charities as a means of giving back locally and world-wide. Although a separate entity, FamilyFarms Group contributes regularly to help cover operating costs so that 100% of donations can go directly to worthy projects. FamilyFarms Group Team members serve on the Board and committees, and staff members serve as officers and on committees of FamilyFarms Charities.


2. How long has FamilyFarms Charities been in existence and are you a recognized charity group?

FamilyFarms Charities was founded and approved as an IRS-approved charity (501c3) in 2010.


3. Does that mean I can deduct my gift to FamilyFarms Charities on my income taxes?

Yes, donations to FamilyFarms Charities qualify for a charitable deduction on your tax return, but you must follow IRS guidelines and maintain accurate records. We suggest you consult with a tax professional to ensure your deductions are properly filed.


4. What are your main purposes? What is your mission statement?

Projects undertaken by FamilyFarms Charities are related to agriculture and one or more of these four focus areas: education, families, hunger and self-sufficiency.

Our Mission: With a long-term commitment to agriculture, FamilyFarms Charities will provide food for the hungry, help farm families in need, and promote education related to crop production. Applying our collective farming expertise, FamilyFarms Charities will provide ag-related tools and training to help individuals, families and their communities achieve self-sufficiency.


5. What projects have you done so far?

FamilyFarms Charities has given funds to feed tornado victims in the southern U.S. and tsunami victims in Japan. We packed disaster kits for flooding victims in Arkansas, and we provided funds and sent a work team to help with garden projects of the Bethesda AIDS orphanage and nearby communities in South Africa.


6. Why do you emphasize ag-related projects?

FamilyFarms Group is made up of farm families and agriculture consultants who believe agriculture is an appropriate vehicle for meeting needs of the hungry and promoting self-sufficiency for the future as we train, educate and equip.


7. Do you ever do work projects or do you just send money to help people in need?

FamilyFarms Charities is committed to providing training, farming know-how and hands-on help in agriculture. We sponsor an annual trip to work in one of the ag projects we support; last year that trip was to the AIDS orphanage we support in South Africa. Our team of thirteen shared farming knowledge and put up netting over the garden.


8. Who is eligible for the scholarships you offer each year to a graduating high school senior?

High school seniors going into an ag-related field of study are eligible to apply for the two $1,000 scholarships we offer each year. Applications are available on-line at www.familyfarmscharities.org


9. What can I do to help?

Donations are gladly accepted for projects in North America and overseas. Sponsors are needed for our fundraising events. You can share your farming expertise through one of our ag projects. Please check out our website for more details of how YOU can be involved or email us at info@familyfarmscharities.org or call us at 618-372-7487.


10. FamilyFarms Charities also sponsors projects in the local communities of its member farm families. Where are they located?

Our farm families live in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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