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About Us


Applying our collective farming expertise, FF Charities will supply food for the hungry, help farm families in need, and provide ag-related tools and training to help families and communities achieve self-sufficiency.


FamilyFarms Charities will use agriculture as a vehicle to positively impact families and transform communities.

Recognizing we are truly blessed…

FamilyFarms had planned from its creation in 2006 to provide a means for teams and staff to give back, a vehicle for charitable giving. FamilyFarms teams and employees alike have demonstrated their commitment to share what they have with those in need. Giving to meet urgent needs for the basics of life is combined with providing tools and training to equip for long-term development. FamilyFarms believes in changing lives one at a time, with that change expanding to include families and the community. Agriculture is an appropriate means of sharing, educating, equipping and fostering development to provide hope for the future.

FamilyFarms’ charitable efforts aim to provide relief to persons both in North America and overseas. While FamilyFarms Teams have been actively giving in their local communities for many years, FamilyFarms Charities provides a means for farm families to work together, pooling their knowledge and resources, to reach out to those in need around the globe.

Our desire is to give back to our local and world community in a meaningful way through actions designed to alleviate immediate critical needs for food as well as training and equipping for on-going development through agriculture-related projects. In addition to promoting Team involvement in their own communities, FamilyFarms Charities will provide additional opportunities to invest time and resources through projects related to agriculture and one or more of our 3 focus areas:

Planting SEED through Education

This focus area includes awarding scholarships, teaching ag related skills and expanding awareness of agriculture and its impacts

Providing CARE to Families

This focus area includes helping farm families in times of distress due to catastrophic events.

Bringing HOPE for Today and the Future

This focus area includes meeting hunger needs and supplying water, promoting self sufficiency by providing tools and hands on training, and coaching to do the best on can with what one has.

FamilyFarms Teams are already at work in their communities, giving back through various programs and community activities. FamilyFarms Charities provides additional opportunities and means for those activities to be continued and expanded to include needs nationally and world-wide. By pooling our expertise, experience and resources, FamilyFarms is able to accomplish more than we could as individuals. Our giving is not limited to supplies and money; already FamilyFarms Charities representatives have traveled twice to South Africa to put feet to their prayers. The garden project at Bethesda involved digging, sewing, welding, carrying, mixing cement, and more. We believe our efforts there make a difference in the lives of those children orphaned by AIDS as we show them love, compassion, faith in their potential, and our desire to invest in them and teach them about agriculture.