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Life’s Heart celebrates every small blessing from Kenya.  The Mission vegetable garden harvested a crop of kale, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, peas and beans.  The Mission cropland produced an excellent harvest of beans and maize to sell.  The Naroosura dirt roadway was finally repaired after 2 months and the borehole well piping was re-installed.  Enkutoto Church & School installed water pipes and storage tanks.  The school desks were finished and set-up in the building.  A teacher has opened the Preschool and Nursery school and a Priest is leading worship on Sunday.  Praise God for these blessings!


The Oleleshua / Naroosura / Enkutoto area was faced with a severe drought this past year.  Crops were planted in April and May and then the rains stopped.  The Oleleshua area presently has no water source so the crops produced very little in the extreme dry conditions.  A rainfall of 1.2 inches was received from planting to harvest.  This is the future site of the Girls Secondary School which will be self-supporting and self-contained.  They plan to grow their own food, plant a banana orchard, raise livestock and market their products for income as needed.  Depending on funding in the spring of 2015 a borehole well will be installed as a water source for the compound.  Life’s Heart is hoping to be able to support their borehole water project.


Naroosura has a borehole well and a river water source.  The Mission compound was able to irrigate their crops and vegetable gardens and a successful harvest took place.  However, they were faced with several challenges, including no rainfall after June 1st.  The dirt roadway was bulldozed and grated which required the borehole water pipe line to be removed. After a long 2 month period during the extreme drought conditions, the road was finally finished and the water pipe line re-installed.  They were able to pump water from the river source but the river became very low and shallow.  A strong windstorm hit the area in May and 65 orchard banana trees received severe damage.  Due to the drought conditions, lack of available water source, and the water demand, replacement banana trees were not planted until now, October.Borehole well 6 2012 - 2


Enkutoto faced the same drought conditions as Oleleshua and Naroosura.  Their main water source to the school dried up and water was then carried to the site.  The water storage tank was installed.  The school building and toilets are complete.  School desks have been built, transported and set up inside the building.  A teacher has been secured and the preschool/nursery school has opened.  Sunday worship services are held each week.  The Enkutoto people are rejoicing with the changes that have taken place in their village.  This is the village’s first school and church.


Life’s Heart is blessed to be a part of these areas in Kenya.  We continue to look for ways to help and teach them.  The Asian Wheat virus and Maize Chlorotic Mottle virus are huge concerns to the people there.  The tomato crop suffered greatly from the drought and disease.  Kenya suffered a high percentage yield loss this year.


Tim and I continue to receive communication from various Kenyans regarding the projects in their particular area.  The borehole water test performed well.  Our medical and educational sponsorship programs have served many.  Children have received needed medical treatment and students have received high grades.  We are not planning to return to Kenya until January/February 2015.   At that time, Tim is scheduling the Real Impact NGO training course for him and a few others.  Agriculture education is vital in these areas as plant health is the key to a successful yield.  FamilyFarm Charities have been a big part of making changes in the Naroosura and Enkutoto areas.

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