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A Hail Storm in South Africa?

Most of you remember when the team of 13 FamilyFarms Group representatives (Team members, staff and families) traveled to South Africa to help with the garden project at Bethesda AIDS orphanage and school. You probably laugh as you picture that team including Stan and Karmen Mehmen, Jim and Cathy Sladek, Erin Bryant, Jake Mossbarger, Michelle Mellendorf, Tracy Heuerman, Vicki Ivester, Kevin and Jennifer Rufo with their sons Joseph and Matthew struggling to build a frame and put netting over a large garden area to protect the plants from birds and damaging sun’s rays. As you can see from the photo, the project was accomplished. What none of us could have predicted was the hail storm that struck there several weeks ago, producing all kinds of damage including destruction of crops. When the storm had passed, the children, along with their families and teachers, ran out to check on their vegetable garden. To their surprise and delight, the netting had protected the plants from any damage in the storm.

FamilyFarms Charities would like to plan another work trip to the orphanage this coming spring. We are considering February or March 2013, depending upon availability of those Team members who would like to participate. If you think you might be interested in this life-changing opportunity to serve those in need by sharing your ag expertise, please contact Karmen Mehmen (karmen.mehmen@mbsfamilyfarms.com ) or Vicki Ivester (vivester@familyfarmsgroup.com ). We can promise an adventure that will touch your heart and open your eyes to ways agriculture can be used as a vehicle for change.



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